Business Solutions

Goldwell New York Business Building Fund

The Business Building Fund is an exclusive program offered by Goldwell New York to reward you with valuable products, services and education to grow your business. As a member of the program, you earn and accumulate points on a quarterly basis depending on your total purchases from Goldwell New York. Redeem these points for backbar, stylist station products, educational classes, national guest artist appearances, trade shows and other events.

Manufacturer Loyalty Programs

In addition to the benefits of the Goldwell New York Business Building Fund, you have the opportunity to take advantage of select manufacturer loyalty programs.

Goldwell Salon Alliance

  • Annual salon owner trips to international events.
  • Member discounted tickets to Goldwell Academy’s in Baltimore, MD and Irvine, CA.
  • Co-op advertising programs.
  • Click here to access The Salon Alliance Website

Business Classes that bring results

  • Retailing Foundation -Maximise your stylists potential in achieving high retail sales
  • "Profit or Parish" This program developed by KMS California will motivate you to take your Salon to the next level. It includes a 1hr video where KMS interviews Clients around the country to share their expieriences and expectations from Salons and Stylists
  • "Customizing The Expierience" This is a follow up program designed to inspire you and motivate your staff to higher Customer Service levels.

If you are interested in attending any of these classes or would like to have them scheduled in your Salon, please contact Ryan Temming at 1-800-727-4110 (Rochester: (585) 424-4110) or click here to send an E-mail.